Improving Health Management through Technology

Our goal is to make health management easier and more cost effective by seamlessly connecting individuals to healthcare providers, increasing transparency between the provider and patient, and increasing access to health resources.
Decentralize Health Records
  • Provide accurate information about the patients at the point of care

  • Improve efficiency and reduce health care cost

  • Optimized analytics and metrics

  • Improved health data governance

  • Enhanced privacy of patient data

Manage Personal Health
  • Capture valuable information to improve quality at point of care

  • Better management of health conditions

  • Seamlessly monitor and communicate to health providers

  • Track personal health goals and data (journal)

Provide Health Education
  • Health recommendations based on medical history

  • Promote patient-centered care

  • Increase health equity

  • Improve overall patient satisfaction with care 


What We Do

Our Product

Personal Health Management at Your Fingertips!


Convenient and readily available to you with an intuitive design for ease of use



Tailored recommendations based on your health history or medical professional recommendations



Allows you to keep track of vitals, symptoms, allergies and much more, in a centralized location


Easy for you to stay up to date when changes occur, by pushing notifications to your device


Ability to grant or restrict access to all or a subset of your data based on the individual or institution



Ability to manage all your health records and that of your loved one

First Time Parent

"This allows me to record medical details about my toddler"


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